Bringing Out the Best


“The Liberty Day Kids did amazing on Friday. All of us should be so proud of the Patriots as they were outstanding ambassadors of Patrick Henry School and District 11. A big thank you goes to The Academy Optimist Club …., and Connie Dungeon, our contact at Colorado College. All sponsored and hosted the event. If you see a bright red shirt with a liberty bell on the back and Liberty Day Kid written on the front, give that student a high five, as they were ‘Fearsome!'” – Becky Alexander, Gifted and Talented Teacher, District 11

“I thoroughly enjoyed Liberty Day and the kids brightened our campus center (Warner Hall, Colorado College) with their enthusiasm and zest for learning and open-ness to a new experience and environment.”
Connie Dudgeon, Colorado College Community Consultant

“The Optimist Club is a great organization that cares about the kids in its community. They are involved in numerous programs that help children emotionally and financially. Last summer the Optimist Club helped me emotionally and financially when they challenged me to do a speech on “Why my Voice is Important” for a $2500 scholarship. This competition helped me confront my fears of public speaking and also helped meet others who, like me, suffer hearing disability. The scholarship helped me by making it easier for me and my parents to pay for my college education. I appreciate everything the Optimist Club has done for me and hope that they can continue changing the lives of other kids in the future.” – Victor Jacoby

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful essay award and breakfast. I profoundly enjoyed listening to your wonderful club meeting and having the honor of reading my essay aloud to your amazing group. This contest meant so much to me because it is the first monetary scholarship I have ever received. Before I won this contest, I was never quite certain that my dreams of higher education were possible. Now I can be truly ‘optimistic’ about my future. Thank you for the work that you do.” – Jared Sipes